About us

Open joint-stock company Ararat Stone was established in April 30, 2013. OJSC Ararat Stone is a holding company, our Financial and Industrial group consists of three mining companies. These mining companies quarry out marble breccia-conglomerate in Vardashatskoe mine field, the Location of Ararat within Armenia; travertine and onyx in the field of Vedic, the Location of Ararat within Armenia; basalt and calc sinter in the Gyulabulahskom mine field, the Location of Ararat within Armenia. Production of slabs and cladding materials is carried out on operating space (length of operating space is 7430 square meters), where in 2013 Stone-Working Factory was built, it is fitted out with modern stone processing equipments of Italian Company "BARSANTI MACCHINE Spa".

Our modern production technology allows producing products that meet the highest international standards: the ranging of slab thickness is from 20 mm. Equipments of Ararat Stone allows producing different finish surfacing of slabs. In addition the Company has the ability to produce according client`s request cladding tiles.


  • Travertine
  • Obsidian
  • Felsite
  • Tufa
  • Jasper
  • Onyx
  • Agate

Having imported stone working equipments, we produce good quality products of natural stone. Natural stone – is a common name of monolith rock, having high structural behaviors and unique decorative qualities.

Range of use:

The variety of colors, composition, structure and texture of natural stone makes people use widely it. The natural stone - is the soul of a nature, which makes any house unique, because every stone is unique as well as person.