Onyx (др.-греч. ὄνυξ, ноготь) — is a mineral, chalcedony (fibrous) variety of quartz, in which small amounts of impurities create pane parallel colored layers. Color banding varieties of marble are often called Mexican onyx or Algerian onyx.

Color — Onyx has a variety of colors; it can be brown with white and black patterns, red-brown, yellow-brown, honey, and white with yellowish or pinkish bands range. Onyx is generally characterized by plane-parallel bands of different colors. Sardonyx - parallel-banded variety of Fiery Carnelian, orange-red Carnelian and sometimes red-black Carnelian.


Since prehistoric time Red onyx and Sardonyx used by people for manufacturing of small carved art products (glyptics) and carved lead impression block. This is one of the most valuable ornamental stone.

Calcite (marble, etc.) species of onyx are widely used, it is accessible and well-priced decorative fabricating material. As before it is widely used in the manufacture of household and large-scale products: all sorts of small and medium plastic figures, onyx vases, boxes, candlesticks, countertops.

It can be used in mosaic, veneer. It is comparatively inexpensive ornamental stone. Onyx is often used in creating of a variety of jewelry; most of especial and high-quality varieties of sardonyx are used in creating of cameo, in which the higher part of a dark image contrasts with a light background.